Giorgio Caviglia starts working with GT Project

Giorgio Caviglia first visits Stanford and starts working with Mapping the Republic of Lettersmaking it into one of the case studies for his PhD Thesis Communication Designers as Reflective Practitioners of the Digital Humanities (completed in 2013 at Density Design, Politecnico, Milan Italy). Having developed a number of visualization tools such as Raw, Giorgio returned to Stanford as Cesta post-doc in 2013-2015 to be the lead designer in a number of ventures of Humanities+Design, such as Palladio. For the Grand Tour in particular he assisted in the design of the architects' database and its visualizations (see Interact). Moreover, in Autumn 2013 we start regular meetings that over the course of two years enacted the digital parsing of the Dictionary, culminating in the creation of the current database and its interactive application, The Grand Tour Explorer.